Monday, November 30, 2009

GEAUX(ing) to New Orleans!!!

This was our very first Turkey Day to celebrate all together because the year before we were a little preoccupied with our little newborn. Chris and I are doing our best to be as fair as can be balancing holidays and spending time with families. So, this year we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Thompsons and decided Christmas Day would be with the Jones’. (we did this because we really want the little ones to be together on Christmas morning with all their loot, too cute!) I was a little over excited because we were also taking a mini-vacation, too! Our first time to leave Texas with Cannon.
Hello New Orleans, Louisiana!
I absolutely LOVE Dada (Chris’ uncle)…apparently Cannon is a bit more skeptical. It turned out to be quite hilarious because as soon as he would make eye contact Cannon would produce ginormous crocodile-sized help and scream in terror! He was scared to death of his Cajun-uncle. First, I have to say THANK YOU so much for your generous hospitality. Dada’s house is nesteled right next to a reserve and blessed to be surrounded by beautiful swamp that won’t be touched for years to come. Chris and I had so much fun just “being there.” We enjoyed long walks around the property, building HUGE fires, cutting the firewood (cheapest marriage counseling, ever!), riding lawnmowers, etc. It was relaxing and the perfect R&R visit.
We decided to take a “day trip” to New Orleans where I did my best to sight Tom Brady, Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, Drew Brees…no such luck! I wanted to vote “Brad Pitt for Mayor,” but couldn’t find anywhere to cast my ballot. However, I was introduced to hand grenades, hurricanes, oysters…DELICIOUS! I also tried my best to tell Larry Flint’s girls that what they were doing was most definitely trashy and to “leave the biz.” (After a trip to Pat O’Brian’s patio) I really wanted to go to the cemetery and take pics, but it was pitch black on our way home and you couldn’t make me a billion dollars to enter that cemetery with all the voo-doo stores surrounding it. SCARY…and CREEPY, too!
Our Thanksgiving lunch was so yummy, as you can see Cannon LOVED it too. All, I can say is I LOVE eggplant!!! I had never had it and was a bit skeptical, but it was so good. It was stuffed with shrimp, crawfish, and “stuff.” Hello, calories! Goodbye, diet! Seconds…please!
Thanks Dru & Dada for the perfect Thanksgiving and MUCH needed mini-vacation! We had a lot of fun…let’s do it again next year! And hopefully we will win BIG at Harrah’s!!! (and Dada will get a hug from Cannon…haha!)
We are thankful for so much
-The Truly Thankful 3C’s
…before ending this I have to say that my FAVORITE story about Newey (Chris’ grandma who is in Heaven) is when she said the Thanksgiving Prayer and went on and on and on…thanking the Pilgrims, the Armed Forces, etc. A little too much liquid courage and she told absolutely everyone how thankful she was! LOVE IT! I think I may gladly carry on this tradition next year!

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