Friday, December 25, 2009

"Fah-la-la...", Our Second Christmas!!! (Part 1)

Our second Christmas as a threesome was one to remember. All I can say is Cannon LOVES Christmas music. (Thank you Aunt Claire for a fabulous X-mas music montage, but Page’s purchase from Pier 1 def was #1!) Cannon LOVES Kellie Pickler’s Santa Baby. I swear the kid drops it likes it’s hot and shakes that little booty as soon as he hears it, it’s hysterical. His Gigi sings it to him 24/7, so I think between the repetition and mere mention of Santa in the lyrics he LOVES it so much!

So, I will start at the very beginning…

On Christmas eve we decided to go to the early service as a family, we were dressed to the “9’s”…my boys looked so handsome. Cannon wore his brand new New Balance tennis shoes and was loving the extra cushion and traction on the soles. There was definitely an extra bounce in his step…keep in mind. his walk often resembles a drunk midget so he is not the most “stable” walker on the block. As soon as the service started, goldfish no longer kept him occupied and he was ready to run. So, Chris excused himself and walked him to the hallway to let our little filly run. I couldn’t stay put without my boys, so I followed… We stood on opposite ends of the hallway and let Cannon run back and forth to both Mommy and Daddy. During Lap #5 there was a CRASH…followed by a CRY! Our boy bit the dust…and his lip. So, our first family trip ended with an injury. Literally, we were in church for about 15 minutes…total. So, now looking at all these pics you can see our little man’s first fat lip, time to celebrate! (I am blaming Balderach!) Lucky for us, he is tough and I don’t think it bothered him for more than 5 minutes. Just hurt his Mommy to see her baby boy hurt…

Later in the evening, we ate too many tamales (NOT from Bob’s Tacos), Mark’s signature chili (Thanks Marlboro!), and queso. Delish! Sandra arrived with Tyler in tow about dinnertime and the boys were so happy to see each other and fight for their Popper’s attention…and Sandra’s scarf. Too funny! Cannon is so into super soft stuff right now…he snuggles with Mr. Blankie when he is completely awake just to feel how super soft it is. I think it’s a comfort-thang, but who knows?!? So, we all put on our matching pj’s and went to bed…waiting and hoping Santa would come…and he most definitely did!!!

We all woke up Christmas morning to a smaller version of Toys R Us in my parent’s living room, it was completely littered with toys, perfectly wrapped presents, and stockings. Cannon and Tyler cleaned house! Their matching cozy coupes parked right next to each other were definitely a hit! Now, Cannon’s has a little Buccee’s sticker on the back so we can differentiate them. The Red Rider wagon awesome and we bundled up the boys after breakfast for a chilly ride. They resembled snow babies and were precious. Tyler preferred to push the wagon, while Cannon enjoyed the ride. Cannon got so much stuff…lotsa books, Handy (Chuck’s little brother), trucks, clothes, monogrammed Pottery Barn chair, fold-up chair for the beach, cute personalized handmade stool, and so much more…I am forgetting lots, I know! It’s no secret that when you become a Mom, the focus is off of you and all about baby. After all, it’s supposed to be! But, I have to brag…just a teeny bit about how thoughtful my husband was this Christmas… His thoughtfulness and gifts brought me to tears. He put a sweet homemade love letter, a gift certificate for a mani/pedi, haircut & color, along with some Nike jogging shorts that I LOVE. Of course, he did it in his completely unique style… He wrapped in a box with duck tape and threw in a brick to add weight and throw me completely off guard…and while I would have picked “normal” colored shorts…he chose to get me ones that matched Texas Tech’s home game and away games uniform colors. Too hysterical. I was truly expecting nothing. I swear I really don’t give him the credit he deserves. He does so much for us, he is a great husband and phenomenal father. (Hello New Year’s Resolutions…#1. Be more thankful for what I have!)
Christmas Day consisted of playing with toys, eating, eating, playing with toys, eating…etc. My Mommy made the BEST Christmas dinner (we are choosing to forget our big turkey fiasco, hint: the oven was not on a high enough heat)…so we ate a little later than expected. I swear it was not a big deal whatsoever. We were not starving. I think I consumed at least 50 gingersnaps that day and by the time dinner was served was suffering from a tummy ache, but ate right through it. Go me! The next morning we packed up and hit Hwy 59…off to the Thompsons and to celebrate our 2nd Christmas.

(I think next year we will most likely choose to wake up at our own home on Christmas morning and host a big Christmas breakfast…depending on where we call “home.” I just think it will be fun to really start celebrating with our teeny family and then joining in the festivities with the family for lunch/dinner…who knows?!? We have an entire year to plan!)

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