Thursday, August 21, 2008

Awaiting Cannon...

Our precious friends & family,

I have wanted to document this time in our lives more than ever and have finally decided to "just do it", it's such a special way to share everything with your loved ones and document your memories at the same time. (I give complete credit to Ms. Katie Faust-Chunn who has done an outstanding job on hers and continually keeps it updated in her witty satire that makes it feel like I should be paying her to read it! I would def, but am broke!) I am going to do my very best to post something every week, so I suppose time will reveal if I am able to keep up with the Jones'... Afterall, I used to be one!

There has been so much change in my life within the last year that deserves a lengthy novella in, I am going to get you as "up-to-date" as quickly as possible with an extremely condensed list documenting the changes that got us here, to Cannon...

***I took a last minute roadtrip to hang out with Val during the holidays in Houston, where one night we decided to drink way entirely too much wine and have a bake-off. (keep in mind, we are NOT Betty Crocker'ish kind of girls!) We needed a "judge" and some milk so she invited over her friend, Christopher Park Thompson. We met. He claims that I was flirting with him that night, I swear I was not. Needless to say, I won the cookies were decorated absolutely gorgeous!

***We started dating seriously and fast. I must admit that I knew he was "the one" within a few weeks. Dating someone had never been so easy and so fun for me. We were on the phone all of the time and making plans to see eachother every weekend. Luckily, for this short time I lived with my parents (had just moved home) and so they were able to see how much we cared about eachother firsthand. (Dad was scared to death, especially after he witnessed me trying to learn some basic cooking skills from my mother!) I think both our parents knew how we felt about eachother because Kakki revealed to me that Chris was asking her about some nice curtains for his place before I came to visit, so his place didn't appear like such a ghetto bachelor pad!!

***Conoco-Phillips Rodeo Fun Run (no comment, just needed to be noted). We ran (me-5k, Chris-10k), met his parents for the first time, and we went to Little Woodrow's before the place got torn down.

***Easter in Rockport with the family was when we found out we were expecting (the news we weren't expecting...)and were shocked, but so excited...I must admit that some (or most) of our story happens in an unorthodox-fashion, but we knew we loved eachother and were ready to start our future together. I remember that day and when I walked in and told Christopher...he simply hugged me (I was sobbing, I am definitely Miss Emotional these days!) and told me he loved me and we were going to be wonderful parents, he is perfect. (most of the time.)

***Moved, married, and got a job working at Shell Oil...yada, yada, yada...

Okay, so I left A LOT out, but that is the "just" of it. I am married to a man that is perfect for me, he is definitely NOT perfect, but my perfect match for certain. We just moved into a townhome that we love and are enjoying it just being "us" because we know we only have a few more months of "us." We are slowly getting everything ready at home for our little one's arrival which is coming oh so soon! We are doing our very best to be responsible and as prepared as possible for parenthood, I have no doubt that we are going to be phenomenial! (he passed the pseudo-parent test with flying colors with my adorable cousin Miss Emily Addison when we took her to the Texas State Aquarium, they love ants and Ratatouille!)

We are blessed to have the most supportive families and friends who have been exceptionally sweet & encouraging during our dramatic & chaotic past few months...we are thankful. So, hopefully that got you up to date with most of our "Christopher & Christian's Chaotic, but Lovely Story". No, it's NOT Tori & Dean's: Home Sweet Hollywood, it's our version. (I admit to this guily pleasure, ask my "T"...she is addicted too!)

Cannon Park Thompson.

This is the name that we have finally chosen for our precious little one who arrives in a mere 3 months! For the first 5 months, I must admit that I did not feel that pregnant, except for the consistent exhaustion and morning sickness. However, as soon as the 1st trimester passed my vibrant energy returned and I have felt so much better! It is strange to now be almost exactly 6 months pregnant and know he is in there, always. This is such an exciting time for Chris and me, but for some reason I feel I am a little closer to Cannon because he is with me 24/7 and I feel his "kicks" (flutters) in my belly all the time. (Is that a normal feeling for a Mommy-to-be?) Chris has not felt them yet, but I know that day will come very soon because my belly is starting to grow more overnite. I am looking forward to that day because I know that will make him feel so much closer to our son.

As Chris trains for his upcoming marathon he listens to terrible tunes (my opinion) to get pumped up...usually Iron Maiden, Pantera, AC/DC, etc. (bands that I rarely listen to, if ever!) He feels the need to share his love for crappy music with our baby in a hysterical fashion all his own. We received a package the other day with a baby onesie inside that says "Daddy's Little Thrasher...PANTERA." I am still speechless at this on-line purchase and only one word comes to mind, "classy." His excitement simply could not be contained. I am insisting that my baby will be wearing Gap, Polo, and OshKosh on a daily-basis, but seeing his excitement I did not have the heart to make fun of him and instead just let him place it on my belly and play air-guitar. I swear we have never claimed to be normal, ever!

So, last week was Sandra's baby shower at me and my mom's favorite place, Apple Annie's TeaRoom in Artisan's Alley, yummy! It turned out perfect. Such a special day for her and she got so much good stuff that she really needed. I am really excited about mine next month! (Cannon is definitely a little jealous of all the cool things that his cousin Tyler got! hehe!) FYI, Tyler's ETA is exactly a month before Cannon. So, my parents are going to be Grandparents of two little boys very very soon! All I can say is that I am definitely in baby boy-mode now after her shower! (it's no secret that I thought Cannon was going to be "Chloe" pre-ultrasound and was absolutely shocked to say the very least. Leave it to my blunt & honest Mary Kay to reveal to me why boys are best to have...hehe!) I am so excited to meet Cannon that I can barely stand it, his due date around Thanksgiving seems like eternity! I know that we need this time to prepare and get ready for him, so that is exactly what we are doing. However, I have never poessed much "patience", ask my parents and brother about my Christmas mornings...I wake up and am ready to open presents at 3am! (this is still my ritual, poor Chris!) So, the sitting, waiting, wishing is definitely starting to get to me. Luckily, I am keeping myself so busy that I have little time to simply watch the clock.

My only regrets this far are: not reading Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs sooner (she speaks the truth with a touch of sarcasm and humor, read even if you are NOT prego, it's hilarious) and cutting all my hair off! I miss my hair so much it's ridiculous, I know it will grow back. But it was so long and almost "mermaid-length" then I go whack it off because I had not experienced enough change. (sarcasm) Take my advice, when your world is a bit more chaotic than usual try to keep the few things you are in complete control of, constant. Mine was definitely my hair. I am letting it grow and hopefully those terrible to digest prenatal vitamins will help me with that for sure!

Loves! Until next time...