Thursday, November 5, 2009

How I LOVE my Gigi, Let me count thy ways...

Cannon LOVES his Gigi very much. (So do I!!!) She takes such sweet care of him & is the most thoughtful, caring, and sweet person on this planet with the best hair & shoes! She is so pretty, inside and out! I just had to add these pics because I thought they were too precious. We took a little walk to Starbucks, Gigi bought Cannon a pastry, but all he wanted to do was give her lots of hugs and very slobber’ish kisses. (I swear his drool is never ending! I hope teething ends soon…) I really think I have such a pretty Mommy...

I constantly hear that I am definitely my “father’s daughter”, I don’t object. I look just like him, talk just like him, and have way entirely too many of his mannerisms (both good and bad), but the older I get the more I realize that I am a lot like my Mommy…I am lucky! These are some of my best gifts that are given to me by my Mom…

***make everyday special by saying sweet things to those you love
***HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS…d├ęcor, cards, gifts, etc.
***making a house a “home”, taking pride in hosting and taking care of your guests
***spoiling little ones (NOT just with “stuff”) with storytelling, baking, bath time, bedtime…Hello Mrs. Wishy Washy!!!
***putting your loved ones before yourself
***doing as much as you can for others
***being a cheerleader
***always there to listen

I can’t brag about this extremely thoughtful person and I pray I am more like her every day. Just like Bill the baby owl in our FAVORITE book Owl Babies, I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!

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