Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Birthday Party "Wrap-Up"...

Well, everything was too precious…shocking. Of course, Cannon was TERRIFIED of Santa! So, he chose to sit on Chris’ lap who sat on Santa’s lap having a death-grip on his candy cane. We didn’t feel too embarrassed because many other party goers were a tad afraid of the bearded man, too. Our friend, Carolyn got to sit in Santa’s lap with her little cherub, Cason. I thought it was precious how Cason LOVED the children’s orchestra that was playing Christmas music outside Santa’s workshop and he was def a dancing queen. The award for BEST Santa pic poser def goes to Mr. Peyton Derrick who even smiled, geez! Such a cute pic!

The day before the festivities took place it rained cats & dogs!!! So absolutely everything was soaked. We moved the designated meeting area where we would eat cupcakes and open presents to outside this little restaurant called Puffabelly’s. This proved to be a total success because all the adults were constantly sneaking inside to grab a few adult beverages…

Cannon was a little crabby because of all of his massive molars that were trying to find a home in his teenie mouth, so he wanted to be held constantly...he was the guest of honor. So, he sat in his Grandpa’s lap for most of his party. The fog lifted when the Crave cupcakes came out, Cannon’s face lit up and he devoured them. I think he ate at least 2-3! Hello, Mr. Sugar High! He doesn’t really care of icing, as much as the cake-part, so he “shares” cupcakes with his Mommy who prefers the icing.

I SWEAR our Tahoe resembled Santa’s sleigh with the amount of loot that Cannon got. Wow! What sweet friends and family. He got so much stuff!!! A cute Texas Tech blanket, trucks, cool clothes, and the cutest backpack, ever! He is spoiled rotten…fine by me! Lordy, Christmas is right around the corner!

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