Monday, November 9, 2009

SHOE WHORE...just like his Momma!!!

I know this title is a bit risqué, but it’s the truth! My son has more shoes than the average person has in a life time! Finding the perfect shoe for a toddler is so hard, I believe it to be an art form. To find one that is okay for your child to chew on, can’t pull off easily, doesn’t just fall off, but most of all still allows him/her to almost walk… That is definitely the ringer. Cannon walks around in most shoes, like we would in flippers. He looks like he is so uncomfy and when he musters up the courage to take a few steps on his own…looks so awkward. He definitely prefers bare feet, but sometimes I have to squish his fat little feet (also, just like his Momma’s) into some shoes.

A little “shoe history”…His first 3 months of life he lived is Trumpette argyle & striped socks, Vans’ skull & crossbones crib shoes, graduated to his first pair of Sperry topsiders (Hello, they are Fratty-tastic!), then his uber-cool black Chuck Taylors (converse), Havianas flip flops, and now…THE BEST PAIR OF SHOES, EVER….

These adorable Puma Velcro tennis shoes, they are AWESOME!!! They also have el Tigre on them, which makes them the coolest kicks on the planet! (The tiger is a Thompson family tradition, the 3c’s are definitely crazy!)
So, if you are looking for some shoes, DEFINITELY get these…they are a bit pricey ($45), but worth it because they stay on!

We are waiting on pins & needles for our little man to start walking, any day now…

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