Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Skull & Crossbones are 100% BOY!!!

I have a boy, so he has to have “boy stuff”…it seems like EVERYTHING he has is camo &/or has skull & crossbones on it, or BOTH! I started this “trend” while he was still in my belly, his uber-chic diaper bag is the COOLEST thing, ever! If I got $1 every time I got a compliment on that bag I would be RICH!!! I got the idea from my make-believe bestie, Donna Martin. Thanks to “Tori & Dean; Home Sweet Hollywood” me & Tara’s FAVORITE show…Tori has taught me so much!!! She has taught me all about boy style, Liam & Cannon will be definitely be buds if we ever move to Hollywood. (Side note: HUGE fan of Mommywood, too!) I doubt that I will ever leave Texas, but if I do, Hello Hollywood! Hehe! A girl can dream…

So, wanted to show off some of my “TOP 5 Favorite Skull & Crossbones Stuff”…and says THANKS, again.
1. DIAPER BAG from Belly & Baby in Corpus Christi, then got it monogrammed. Thanks Chris & Gigi!
2. Crib shoes that are super soft and actually stayed on his chubby little feet. Thanks Gigi!
3. A Rockstar stroller blanket …Thanks Lauren!
4. His Halloween outfit for Gymboree that went under his pumpkin costume. Thanks to ME!!!
5. His pj’s from his super sweet & thoughtful cousin, Tyler. It was his first package he got in the mail!!! (so many milestones!!!)

p.s. His Dad’s #1 would be his onesie that said “Arr…Change Me Booty!” (look at the Valentine’s Day entry, I refer to start posting duplicate pictures)

I am thinking of getting him the Ralph Lauren camo/skull & crossbones décor for his room…when he “graduates” to a big boy bed…Am I taking this to far???

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