Monday, November 30, 2009

GEAUX(ing) to New Orleans!!!

This was our very first Turkey Day to celebrate all together because the year before we were a little preoccupied with our little newborn. Chris and I are doing our best to be as fair as can be balancing holidays and spending time with families. So, this year we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Thompsons and decided Christmas Day would be with the Jones’. (we did this because we really want the little ones to be together on Christmas morning with all their loot, too cute!) I was a little over excited because we were also taking a mini-vacation, too! Our first time to leave Texas with Cannon.
Hello New Orleans, Louisiana!
I absolutely LOVE Dada (Chris’ uncle)…apparently Cannon is a bit more skeptical. It turned out to be quite hilarious because as soon as he would make eye contact Cannon would produce ginormous crocodile-sized help and scream in terror! He was scared to death of his Cajun-uncle. First, I have to say THANK YOU so much for your generous hospitality. Dada’s house is nesteled right next to a reserve and blessed to be surrounded by beautiful swamp that won’t be touched for years to come. Chris and I had so much fun just “being there.” We enjoyed long walks around the property, building HUGE fires, cutting the firewood (cheapest marriage counseling, ever!), riding lawnmowers, etc. It was relaxing and the perfect R&R visit.
We decided to take a “day trip” to New Orleans where I did my best to sight Tom Brady, Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, Drew Brees…no such luck! I wanted to vote “Brad Pitt for Mayor,” but couldn’t find anywhere to cast my ballot. However, I was introduced to hand grenades, hurricanes, oysters…DELICIOUS! I also tried my best to tell Larry Flint’s girls that what they were doing was most definitely trashy and to “leave the biz.” (After a trip to Pat O’Brian’s patio) I really wanted to go to the cemetery and take pics, but it was pitch black on our way home and you couldn’t make me a billion dollars to enter that cemetery with all the voo-doo stores surrounding it. SCARY…and CREEPY, too!
Our Thanksgiving lunch was so yummy, as you can see Cannon LOVED it too. All, I can say is I LOVE eggplant!!! I had never had it and was a bit skeptical, but it was so good. It was stuffed with shrimp, crawfish, and “stuff.” Hello, calories! Goodbye, diet! Seconds…please!
Thanks Dru & Dada for the perfect Thanksgiving and MUCH needed mini-vacation! We had a lot of fun…let’s do it again next year! And hopefully we will win BIG at Harrah’s!!! (and Dada will get a hug from Cannon…haha!)
We are thankful for so much
-The Truly Thankful 3C’s
…before ending this I have to say that my FAVORITE story about Newey (Chris’ grandma who is in Heaven) is when she said the Thanksgiving Prayer and went on and on and on…thanking the Pilgrims, the Armed Forces, etc. A little too much liquid courage and she told absolutely everyone how thankful she was! LOVE IT! I think I may gladly carry on this tradition next year!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Birthday Party "Wrap-Up"...

Well, everything was too precious…shocking. Of course, Cannon was TERRIFIED of Santa! So, he chose to sit on Chris’ lap who sat on Santa’s lap having a death-grip on his candy cane. We didn’t feel too embarrassed because many other party goers were a tad afraid of the bearded man, too. Our friend, Carolyn got to sit in Santa’s lap with her little cherub, Cason. I thought it was precious how Cason LOVED the children’s orchestra that was playing Christmas music outside Santa’s workshop and he was def a dancing queen. The award for BEST Santa pic poser def goes to Mr. Peyton Derrick who even smiled, geez! Such a cute pic!

The day before the festivities took place it rained cats & dogs!!! So absolutely everything was soaked. We moved the designated meeting area where we would eat cupcakes and open presents to outside this little restaurant called Puffabelly’s. This proved to be a total success because all the adults were constantly sneaking inside to grab a few adult beverages…

Cannon was a little crabby because of all of his massive molars that were trying to find a home in his teenie mouth, so he wanted to be held constantly...he was the guest of honor. So, he sat in his Grandpa’s lap for most of his party. The fog lifted when the Crave cupcakes came out, Cannon’s face lit up and he devoured them. I think he ate at least 2-3! Hello, Mr. Sugar High! He doesn’t really care of icing, as much as the cake-part, so he “shares” cupcakes with his Mommy who prefers the icing.

I SWEAR our Tahoe resembled Santa’s sleigh with the amount of loot that Cannon got. Wow! What sweet friends and family. He got so much stuff!!! A cute Texas Tech blanket, trucks, cool clothes, and the cutest backpack, ever! He is spoiled rotten…fine by me! Lordy, Christmas is right around the corner!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cannon, Cupcakes, & Mr. Claus

This is his birthday theme. Since Cannon’s birthday is so close to the holidays, so we are spreading some holiday cheer with birthday cake, too! The invites are out…Here is a pic, aren’t they too cute?!? I am addicted to Tiny Prints, it’s my favorite on-line stationary. I dream of the day that I own a cute cupcake boutique. I HEART Sugarbabies in Houston and of course, CRAVE, too!

I will be posting pics after the birthday, but here are the details that I sent out with the invite:

Hopefully, you received a cute Tiny Prints invite in the mail...or check your mailbox!

Here are a few more details for Cannon's birthday party...

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Happy Birthday!

Oh my goodness, Cannon is turning 1!
We will be celebrating Cannon’s special day with yummy cupcakes from Crave & Mr. Claus in charming Old Town Spring. We will be taking pictures with Santa and train rides around the “White Christmas” themed North Pole. So, dress in your Holiday season’s best!

Old Town Spring is about 25 minutes north of Houston. Spring is at the end of Spring-Cypress Road (exit 70-A), one mile east of Interstate 45 where Hardy Road crosses the railroad tracks. We will be meeting around Santa’s workshop, look for red & green balloons! After pictures and trainrides, we will move to the courtyard to enjoys cupcakes and goodies!

Please call my cell (713) 249-6533 if you get lost or can't find us...

Lots of Love,
Christopher, Christian, & Cannon

Skull & Crossbones are 100% BOY!!!

I have a boy, so he has to have “boy stuff”…it seems like EVERYTHING he has is camo &/or has skull & crossbones on it, or BOTH! I started this “trend” while he was still in my belly, his uber-chic diaper bag is the COOLEST thing, ever! If I got $1 every time I got a compliment on that bag I would be RICH!!! I got the idea from my make-believe bestie, Donna Martin. Thanks to “Tori & Dean; Home Sweet Hollywood” me & Tara’s FAVORITE show…Tori has taught me so much!!! She has taught me all about boy style, Liam & Cannon will be definitely be buds if we ever move to Hollywood. (Side note: HUGE fan of Mommywood, too!) I doubt that I will ever leave Texas, but if I do, Hello Hollywood! Hehe! A girl can dream…

So, wanted to show off some of my “TOP 5 Favorite Skull & Crossbones Stuff”…and says THANKS, again.
1. DIAPER BAG from Belly & Baby in Corpus Christi, then got it monogrammed. Thanks Chris & Gigi!
2. Crib shoes that are super soft and actually stayed on his chubby little feet. Thanks Gigi!
3. A Rockstar stroller blanket …Thanks Lauren!
4. His Halloween outfit for Gymboree that went under his pumpkin costume. Thanks to ME!!!
5. His pj’s from his super sweet & thoughtful cousin, Tyler. It was his first package he got in the mail!!! (so many milestones!!!)

p.s. His Dad’s #1 would be his onesie that said “Arr…Change Me Booty!” (look at the Valentine’s Day entry, I refer to start posting duplicate pictures)

I am thinking of getting him the Ralph Lauren camo/skull & crossbones décor for his room…when he “graduates” to a big boy bed…Am I taking this to far???

Monday, November 9, 2009

SHOE WHORE...just like his Momma!!!

I know this title is a bit risqué, but it’s the truth! My son has more shoes than the average person has in a life time! Finding the perfect shoe for a toddler is so hard, I believe it to be an art form. To find one that is okay for your child to chew on, can’t pull off easily, doesn’t just fall off, but most of all still allows him/her to almost walk… That is definitely the ringer. Cannon walks around in most shoes, like we would in flippers. He looks like he is so uncomfy and when he musters up the courage to take a few steps on his own…looks so awkward. He definitely prefers bare feet, but sometimes I have to squish his fat little feet (also, just like his Momma’s) into some shoes.

A little “shoe history”…His first 3 months of life he lived is Trumpette argyle & striped socks, Vans’ skull & crossbones crib shoes, graduated to his first pair of Sperry topsiders (Hello, they are Fratty-tastic!), then his uber-cool black Chuck Taylors (converse), Havianas flip flops, and now…THE BEST PAIR OF SHOES, EVER….

These adorable Puma Velcro tennis shoes, they are AWESOME!!! They also have el Tigre on them, which makes them the coolest kicks on the planet! (The tiger is a Thompson family tradition, the 3c’s are definitely crazy!)
So, if you are looking for some shoes, DEFINITELY get these…they are a bit pricey ($45), but worth it because they stay on!

We are waiting on pins & needles for our little man to start walking, any day now…

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How I LOVE my Gigi, Let me count thy ways...

Cannon LOVES his Gigi very much. (So do I!!!) She takes such sweet care of him & is the most thoughtful, caring, and sweet person on this planet with the best hair & shoes! She is so pretty, inside and out! I just had to add these pics because I thought they were too precious. We took a little walk to Starbucks, Gigi bought Cannon a pastry, but all he wanted to do was give her lots of hugs and very slobber’ish kisses. (I swear his drool is never ending! I hope teething ends soon…) I really think I have such a pretty Mommy...

I constantly hear that I am definitely my “father’s daughter”, I don’t object. I look just like him, talk just like him, and have way entirely too many of his mannerisms (both good and bad), but the older I get the more I realize that I am a lot like my Mommy…I am lucky! These are some of my best gifts that are given to me by my Mom…

***make everyday special by saying sweet things to those you love
***HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS…décor, cards, gifts, etc.
***making a house a “home”, taking pride in hosting and taking care of your guests
***spoiling little ones (NOT just with “stuff”) with storytelling, baking, bath time, bedtime…Hello Mrs. Wishy Washy!!!
***putting your loved ones before yourself
***doing as much as you can for others
***being a cheerleader
***always there to listen

I can’t brag about this extremely thoughtful person and I pray I am more like her every day. Just like Bill the baby owl in our FAVORITE book Owl Babies, I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!

The SWINGER at the park...

WE are proud to say that after SERIOUS practice, our boy is a SWINGER!!! Yay…we can’t tell you how truly happy we are. It may sound a bit crazy (or a lot), but Cannon would scream bloody murder, which is extremely embarrassing when you are trying to act like the hip Mommy at the park. I don’t know why I try to be the cool, chic, hip Mom…I NEVER pull it off. Oh well…For some reason, Cannon would FREAK out when I put his patootie in the swing, but now he is really starting to come around. I am not going to lie, it’s going to take a while for us to get a HUGE one-dimple grin out of our cherub, but now he starting to like become a real SWINGER.

As you can see, we are def a family who frequents the park. We are lucky to have a cute newly renovated one a few blocks away, we often walk to on weeknights. Cannon’s favorite thing at the park is definitely playing in the big green tube on the jungle gym.

Houston is definitely Cannon's jungle gym! (We HEART Jack Johnson's Curious George Soundtrack, it's stellar for napping/bedtime!)


It is no secret that Cannon is extremely blessed to have the BEST Grandparents, ever!!! All of them spoil him rotten…the boy has everything that he could EVER ask for and more. He has the coolest toys, largest library, & overflowing designer-clad closet…(I refuse to give much away because what if Chloe-Paige, never comes and we have another boy, I will be ready, Hello Hand-me downs!) I did give Peyton, Cannon’s first pair of Sperry topsiders because they deserve some serious tread time. I know he will be lookin’ oh-so fine in Port A!

Cannon is in serious L with his Grandpa, Chris and I are practically invisible when he is around. We are completely fine with it because it gives us a nice little break. I swear sometimes it seems like he lives with us because he is here so often to see his little man. He always comments on “What a fine looking young man” he is. ( Def a shout out to Papa Garwood, Cannon’s great Great Grandfather who passed away at 101!) Cannon refuses to let Grandpa out of his sight when he is around…he even freaks out when he shuts the door to go potty! Lord, it’s ridiculous. I think the most simple things like long walks, going to the park, feeding the ducks, sharing cheerios & Goldfish, sharing a Shipley’s doughnut are the memories that will stick with Cannon for a very long time.

I am not sure how to convey the feelings I have when I see my Dad with my soon, I am such a sentimental Mom these days…I tear up just thinking about how truly blessed Cannon is. The love and relationship they have is so strong, not to make it all about me, but I feel a part of their bond, too. It’s love in its purest form. Seeing your child so much in love with someone who you think is perfect (99% of the time) makes me so thankful and forces me to realize how truly BLESSED my little family is. I LOVE my boys…and Daddy!