Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our First Very Merry Christmas!

Here is my FAVORITE pic from our very first Christmas with our little "naughty" elf. Those pj's were just so dang cute that I could resist and the little Santa hat with the beard was the icing on the gingerbread house! I know he looks completely miserable, but it will be perfect for next year's Christmas card.

I admit to going a bit overboard during the holiday season...I both blame and thank my own mother for this gene. Before the holidays I was in the "nesting" phase and found comfort cruising the aisles at Hobby Lobby. When the seasonal stuff went 50% off I filled my shopping cart to the limit. I even put Candy Cane lights on our porch that also transitioned to Raider Red during our fabulous Texas Tech Football season. On Christmas Eve, I forced our little family to wear matching pajamas while awaiting Santa's arrival. We had such a fun time, but realized that next year we will most likely pick one city to be in and stay because traveling with a little one is pure chaos! The loot that our little man got was absolutely ridiculous. He was a mere month old and according to Santa was definitely on the "good boy list" and had a plethora of gifts to prove his exceptional behavior. While driving on Highway 59 from Rockport to Houston our Tahoe resembled Santa's sleigh.

Our first Christmas was truly the BEST Christmas, ever!

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