Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Cannon!

Cannon has officially arrived and I am truly the happiest Mommy, ever! It's a completely overwhelming concoction of emotions that I am experiencing right now, but the abundance of LOVE is something I have never felt before. After Cannon was placed in my arms I knew he was all mine (I am willing to share him with Chris, too!) and it was our responsibility to take complete care of him. I am going to remember as much as possible and tell you EVERYTHING about November 24th, 2009, which is the day my sweet little cherub came to visit. (I guess he finally received his eviction notice from his impatient mommy)

I had a TERRIBLE night on the 27th, I was tossing and turning unable to fall asleep. My back ached so bad I spent the majority of time in the bath tub counting sheep. (Actually, I do remember singing "100 Bottles of Beers On The Wall" in the tub, honest!) Unfortunately, I never was able to fall asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. As Chris left for work, I was forced under oath to call him the minute I felt anything whatsoever. I swore. (Later, I will reveal that I lied.)

It was about 9:30 am when I simply couldn't bear anymore pain and got concerned. I called Dr. Joycutty's office and scheduled a quick appointment to make sure everything was going accordingly. I found out my doctor was called out for an emergency and I would be seen by one of her partners. I simply thought this would be fine because I was really just hoping for some drugs to numb the back pain and maybe something to induce a full night of rest. WRONG! I found out that I was in already dilated and officially in labor! I was whisked away straight to the Labor & Delivery ward of Memorial Hermann.

Meanwhile, Chris was at lunch with his co-workers when he got "the call." He said I am on my way straight home to come get you. Imagine his shock when I calmly instructed him to come straight to the hospital and gave him a lengthy list for a quick stop at Target. He arrived about an hour later expecting a much more dramatic scene than what he encountered. I was in a bed watching t.v. wishing I had eaten before my quick stop at the doctor's office. I had planned on going to Zoe's for lunch after my appointment, not straight to the labor & delivery ward where the only food that they would allow me was ice chips. Was I having a baby or being put on the strictest diet. Honestly, after the epidural I didn't care. Drowsiness came, comatosing my pain and after I did not fully dilate I was being put on the operation table for a necessary c-section. We were going to have to force our little man out!

I will leave all the details out that happened in the operation room. All I can divulge is that Christopher turned a bit ghostly and I saw everything! I remember seeing them put Cannon on the scale and I thought he was a giant. Later, I found out that was a preemie scale. He was perfect, but most of all healthy. Weighing in at 8 lbs. & 10 oz and 22 inches long, our little blue-eyed baby boy had arrived!

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