Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easter with the Duckies!

I can't brag enough about what a PHENOMENAL job my good friend and photographer-extraordinaire Chelsea Lietz did on taking pictures of Cannon at her house out in the country. Check all of these out...she is ah-mazing and so good with the little ones. I was extremely happy with them, they are too perfect. Of course, my favorite one is Cannon with the ducks. We were so impressed that both Cannon and the the duckies were being so photogenic. Later, we found out that one of the little ducks were taking a poop. Oh well! If you need any pics taken you should definitely contact her...this is her website. Tell her I sent ya her direction...


1 comment:

Chelsea Lietz said...

Thanks Christian!!! You rock. I'll point my lens at Cannon any old time! In fact... time for some family portraits yet?