Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry X-Mas to us...again! (Part 2)

I preface this entry and whole heartedly admit that we did NOT document this evening with the intended photo coverage that we had planned on. Shame on us!!! I blame it on us being completely pooped…and me drinking way entirely too much chardonnay! (Thanks, Graham!) As tired as we were, Cannon was definitely ready to open more gifts…and he did! Santa definitely repeated another felony on Sugarberry Court, littering their living room with toys galore! He got so much great stuff, especially his very own Red Rider wagon, puzzles, toys, clothes...even drumsticks, thanks! (hehehe!) I swear that boy is so so so spoiled, I know I keep repeating, but it’s oh-so very true. We need to move very very very soon to house all our “stuff!” It’s no secret that I LOVE to consistently give good loot to The Salvation Army, but it’s getting ridiculous. I keep the really nice stuff and sentimental, but seriously he has so much very very uber-cool stuff, he is only lucky boy. I think his Grandparents are MOST definitely to blame…(I can’t blame Chris and me!) I think both sets of Grandparents would gladly claim they are responsible for this!

Cannon is definitely NOT the only one who is spoiled rotten…Chris and I made out like bandits, too! All I can say is…thank you, thank you, thank you! All of our gifts were so sweet, thoughtful, and perfect! My favorite was my cupcake tin (so perfect!) and my big ol’ bag from my FAVORITE store, Anthropologie. I know Chris LOVES his safe and stuff, too. We both were so thankful for all of our gifts…

So, enough “present” talk…I want to say there is something about Christmas that will always make me feel so energetic, alive, elated, and loved. I am not sure I am clearly portraying what I want to say, but will do my very best. I am sad the holidays are over. I love the smell of Warm Cinnabuns (Tyler Candle) burning while wrapping presents, I love shopping and finding that perfect gift for a loved one, sing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs with Cannon in tow, putting up Christmas d├ęcor with Chris while sipping wine, wearing our ridiculous matching pj’s and taking photos in front of the tree, simply being all together with the family all day and all nite long, hearing Chris say on our road trip back to reality how blessed we are and how this Christmas was better than the last, helping my Mommy cook in the kitchen, watching my Dad, husband, and son have quality time together...The holidays make me glow, completely euphoric time for me. I love that feeling and always wish they were longer, but know that I will get to unpack that favorite ornament again in a mere 12 months, listen to Bing “Walking In a Winter Wonderland”, and make gingersnaps with my Mom very very soon.

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