Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

First, I am a HUGE Holiday fan, Thanks Mom! I LOVE decorating our cozy home with bright orange & black, glitter & sparkle, big pumpkins, & spraying a ridiculous amount of Bath & Body’s seasonal “Pumpkin Spice” 24/7. (Thanks, Val!) Anyways, last year I was as big as a house and def in the “nesting” phase. Cannon was still “baking”, so I got a teeny little pumpkin and painted baby blue polka dots all over it, well the tradition continued this year…As you can see, I prefer to paint my pumpkins, rather than carve. Too dang messy! Yuck! Plus, I LOVE spraying the finishing glitter spray everywhere!

Cannon’s 1st Halloween was definitely a monumental occasion, so he was fabulously dressed for Scream on the Green. (Family-oriented Halloween event at Discovery Green in downtown Houston)

Some Seriously Funny Halloween High Lights…

***The Ventriloquist Witch who was an absolute RIOT, she (or actually was a HE) kept hitting on my Dad all nite. Hysterical!
***Meeting Jack (from Jack-In-A-Box), Chris shook his hand and hasn’t washed it for a solid week, CELEBRITY!
***Cannon hitting people on the back of the head as we walked around
***Cannon & Tyler fighting for Grandpa’s full attention 24/7, ALL weekend. Those boys LOVE Grandpa.
***Tyler constantly petting Cannon on the top of his head like he is puppy dog. Tyler thinks EVERYONE should def have a cute baby cousin.
***Gigi getting the boys the CUTEST monogrammed Trick-or-Treat bags from Pottery Barn Kids, filled with books!
***Highway 59, Page!
***Threatening to drop off Dad in Montrose on Halloween, not that’s SCARY!!!

We had such a fun family Halloween. Christopher & I definitely had the cutest pumpkin in the patch. (& best dressed, check out those leggings & Converse…what a ROCKSTAR!)


Holly said...

post pictures!!

Christian Blair said...

I am posting lotsa blogs and pics over the weekend...I swear!