Friday, July 24, 2009


Well, actually she is a tiger. (Look at her shirt!) Meet Cannon’s Cougar…his Auntie Valerie. I think she deserves a special introduction because she is part of our family and is Cannon’s EVERYTHING. She has always been there from Day 1. (Actually, way before…) But, from Cannon’s very beginning…
I would like to take a minute to brag, brag, brag…

-She was at the hospital every single day I was there, usually with Zoe’s in-hand.
-She was at our house, cleaning, making bottles, washing clothes, and “stealing” Cannon so I could get a shower and take a nap all the time.
-She took Cannon to the Houston Zoo for the very first time. (and trip to the bar, too. Hello BIG Woodrow’s!)
-Paid for endless meals to get Mom & baby out of the house…sushi, Zoe’s, Starbucks, Chuy’s, crawfish, etc. (I swear to reciprocate one day!)
-She bought him the coolest ginormous frame from Mommy’s favorite store, The Monogram Shop, for his baptism present setting her back at least a Comcast bill or two…
-FREE Babysitting all the time! (watched him for the very first time, while Chris and I went to a couple’s shower)
-Always willing to “hang out” at our house and “stay in” to get to hang out with the Thompsons…pretty much poolside grilling 24/7 and 90210 marathons! Thank goodness for Soapnet!

There is so much more to add to the list, but don’t want to inflate the Cougar’s head too much, but I just want her to realize what an extremely intricate part of our family circle she is and how much she means to all the 3C’s. We LOVE her so much and Cannon is the LUCKIEST kid in the entire world to have a such a sweet COUGAR to call his very own.

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