Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playdates Are the BEST!!!

I am a TRUE believer that Moms definitely need “playdates” as much as the kids!!! Seriously!!! Especially me because a lot of the time it’s my “Saving Grace” to be able to chat about Cannon’s poop, how cute his single dimple is, how when he “scream/talks” it’s hilarious at home (NOT at church), his latest word, how to say bye-bye to the bottle, etc. Most of my friends are livin’ in the single world sans babies and simply don’t know my daily concern and struggles. Nor, do I want to chat about babies and hubbies 24/7 and bore them to death! I swear sometimes I miss the days when what I was gonna wear to the bar that night was my biggest priority at noon…or where to meet all the girls for happy hour drinks at 5:05 prompt. Those days are LONG GONE! I am completely okay with that, I swear. When I sneak in Cannon’s room in the morning to find him talking (in his own language) in his soft angelic voice to his Mr. Puppy or he randomly blows me a kiss as he “drives” by me in his Cozy Coupe while I am doing the dishes, I know this is where I am supposed to be. I am clearly a Mom now and I love it!

As I easily get “off topic”, I want to brag about how blessed I am with my other “Mommy” friends…I swear if it wasn’t for Carolyn, Sara, Kimberly, Chelsea, Macey, etc. who knows what would happen to me! Thank you ladies for letting me “vent” 24/7! Plus, we are all blessed with the damn cutest babies in the world. Our “boys-only” club is about to be invaded by Miss Derrick this year! Thank goodness because I definitely have been in a panic-mode for PINK! (THANKS MISS KHERINGTON GRACE!!!)

Playdates are the BEST!!! By the way, did you know diaperbags also carry wine bottles, too?!? Coincidence?!?, I think not…
Cheers to playdates!!!

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